Let me introduce myself

Jesia Vaitelska

🌱 A specialist at well-being –
a modern complex direction of specific actions that restore a person’s well-being in general and in a crisis situation, when there has been an imbalance in business or personal relationships. As a well-being expert Jesia Vaitelska runs a number of authorial programs aimed at a pragmatic approach to solving life challenges.

🌱 The goal of learning and development is to be consistent with herself.

Getting out of inner conflict is the basic foundation of feeling s a t i s f i e d with life.

Practical work with her own self and others for over 35 years in the paradigm of integral approach through individual communication or in a group of people close in consciousness.

🌱 Bibliographer by major education.

Graduated from the Basic Course of Bhaktivedanta Institute of Vedic Health (Dr. Prasad Pramod Akolhar).
Studying Vedic Astrology (Dr.Rami Blekt, Dr. Tanmay Gosvami), since 2007 was trained in the American Institute of Vedic Studies under the guidance of Dr. David Frawley.
Successfully works with Holo-synchronous Energetic Technology Systems (Master Energy Dynamics) developed by Richard Bartlett’s, in combination with RPT (Reference Point Therapy, developed by Dr. Simon and Evette Rose).

Completed advanced training in Body Oriented Therapy in the class “Structural Psychosomatic Approach” (training by Andrey Minchenkov, Moscow).
Completed the course “Development of Psychosomatic Intelligence” (training by Mark Sandomirsky).

Born and raised in Riga, Latvia.

Bibliographer on the Basic Education.

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My competencies


tuning fork

Es studēju Acutonics® Integratīvās medicīnas institūts.


Bhaktivedanta Institute of Vedic Health

Graduate of the Bhaktivedanta Institute of Vedic Health Basic Course (Dr. Prasad Pramod Akolhar).


Studying Vedic Astrology

Studying Vedic Astrology (Dr. Rami Blekt, Dr. Tanmay Gosvami), from 2007 she studied at the American Institute for Vedic Studies under the direction of David Frawley
(American Institute of Studies Dr. David Frawley)


Reference Point Therapy

Successfully works with voice-synchronous systems of energy technologies by Richard Bartlett (Master Energy Dynamics), which combines with RPT Technology (Reference Point Therapy Dr. Simon and Evette Rose).


Received advanced training in Body-Oriented Therapy

Received advanced training in Body-Oriented Therapy in the class “Structural and Psychosomatic Approach” (Professor Andrey Minchenkov, Moscow)
Completed the course “Development of psychosomatic intelligence” (Professor Mark Sandomierz)


Combines practical

Combines practical mental work with listeners and clients using the sound therapy of the Acutonics Institute of integrative Medicine, USA

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