Astrological consultation

Indian Jyotish astrology is an independent branch of astrology, only partially similar to Western astrology. Horoscopes constructed in the Western and Indian traditions will differ significantly from each other: the planets may move to a different sign, the ascendant may also not be where you expect. Take this into account: after all, if you are used to considering yourself an Aries, you may turn out to be a Pisces; if you are used to being a Virgo, then you can become a Leo. And so on. This is due to the difference in the zodiacs used.

Please note: consultations are only remote (written). All work is done in correspondence, via email or sms.

What is needed for consultation ?

To create a horoscope, you need the following information:

  • first name,
  • date of birth (day, month, year),
  • time of birth (if known),
  • name of the locality where you were born,
  • questions that you want to discuss during the consultation,
  • the country in which you currently live (to select a payment method).
  • Your first name are needed so that I can sign your birth card and save it in the computer.
  • ⁠The time of birth is needed to adjust the horoscope as accurately as possible.
  • ⁠If you know the time of birth (yours or the one whose chart you plan to look at along with yours), that’s good.

Be sure to let us know!

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