Consultations on Astrological tuning forks

🗝 Acutonics is a relaxing, non-invasive therapy similar to acupuncture, but using precision-calibrated medical grade tuning forks instead of needles. This allows for complete and safe treatment of tissues within a radius of 5 cm or more.
Acutonics is rooted in the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine so it is -.
🎼. a soothing yet powerful and proven s o u n d treatment that is beneficial for a variety of conditions:

🌱 acute and chronic diseases;
🌱 seasonal decrease in immunity and recovery from viral and cold diseases;
🌱 emotional stress and chronic fatigue,
🌱 insomnia;
🌱 professional burnout and loss of productivity;
🌱 in combination with psychotherapeutic practices at the request of the client gives a deep transformation of blocked experiences.

For the transmission of sound, we use tuning forks —precision-calibrated sound instruments.

They are tuned to the sound frequencies corresponding to the orbits of the planets and work with the state of energies of your horoscope, or energetic vibration in case horoscope is not suitable for you for any ethical reasons.
🍀🍀When using the tuning forks, we feel the sounds penetrating the meridians of the body. They affect the nerve centers and internal organs, impacting physiological processes, problem areas and psychological state.
Each tuning fork is set to its own frequency and is an I n s t r u m e n t effectively affecting the selected point or area of the body, solving the problem.

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